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Aroma Digital Yogurt Maker Review

With the Aroma AYM-606 8-Cup Digital Yogurt Maker, home-made yogurt that boasts the ability to be simultaneously healthy, nutritious and low on calories is enviably easy to prepare.

Frozen yogurt readily available might seem like a preferable alternative as it helps you save both time and money, but it stands the disadvantage of not being probiotic yogurt. Homemade yogurt, especially if the starter used in the process is high quality milk powder, the nutrition value of the product shoots up. Yogurt boasts of comprising beneficial bacteria that clears the abdomen and cleanses the body.

The Aroma AYM-606 8-Cup Digital Yogurt Maker is a yogurt maker that greatly simplifies the prosaic process of making yogurt. Since the unfavorable climatic conditions of the region make it well neigh impossible for milk to curdle all by itself, an electronic appliance is required to make yogurt. Placing this yogurt machine over the other commercial yogurt makers flooding the market is its user-friendly structure and effective functioning.

A comprehensive control panel, legible digital display and a programmable timer form the pedestal on which it is placed for consumers to behold it. Most yogurt makers do not have a timer, and those that do simply either show how long the machine has been in use or remind the consumer to unplug the device. Both of these functions are useless in the sense that the user is physically present at the time the process the expected to end. The Aroma Digital Yogurt Maker, however, not only measures the time taken for the milk to be curdled, but also results in the automatic turning off of the appliance once the process is complete.

Also, this yogurt machine allows the user to pre-determine the texture and flavor of the yogurt. All one is required to do is to compute the required setting, and Aroma AYM-606 8-Cup Digital Yogurt Maker does the rest. This, however, is a trial and error process and it is for the consumer to strike the right balance in the instructions given.

Yogurt maker reviews on this model lament the absence of glass jars. Though glass jars are safer and are dishwasher friendly, the plastic jars used in this model are of extremely high quality and pose none of the threats that are attributed to plastic utensils. The whole ensemble is easy to clean and the eight cups that are a part of the Aroma AYM-606 8-Cup Digital Yogurt Maker are reusable.

The dimensions of the product stand at 9.4 * 9.4 * 11.4 inches and the yogurt maker weighs merely four pounds. Elegant in appearance, Aroma AYM-606 8-Cup Digital Yogurt Maker enhances the appeal of a kitchen and adds an irrefutable touch of modernity. Given that the appliance allows a consumer to avail themselves of abundant refrigerated yogurt, this is sure to be a product that proudly sits atop every kitchen counter.

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier Review

Having the heat running in the winter can dry out sinus passages and the throat. The dry air was not only drying out my sinuses and throat, but was also cracking my lips. I needed relief, so I decided to go shopping for a humidifier. The one that I found is called the Vicks warm mist humidifier and it has an auto shut-off. This humidifier can be purchased both online and off, the price is really good as well.

The Vicks warm mist humidifier has a very large tank and can hold enough water to run for a full twenty four hours. This humidifier has a soft glowing nightlight to illuminate your room at night. The humidifier isn’t like the old fashioned noisy ones, and has said it’s almost silent. The humidifier allows you to use either Vicks Vaposteam or Kaz inhalant if you want a medicated vapor. This feature will come in handy if you become sick with a cold or flu. For more information on this product you can visit

After suffering from the effects of dry air, I was in a hurry to try this humidifier out. I took it out of the package and filled it with tap water. After turning on the machine, I noticed it did make a small amount of noise. The noise was nothing compared to the holder models. As the day went on the mist began to humidify my air. The humidity was much needed because at this point I had split lips. Within a few days I noticed my sinus issues and split lip problem disappear. This was much needed and I attribute it to this humidifier. The Vicks warm mist humidifier also is great to use when you are sick. When the children came down with a cold, I set up this humidifier in their room. I used the Vicks vaposteam and it seemed to help making nasal breathing better for them. Some other added bonuses to using this humidifier are that it’s easy to fill and has multi settings for the level of steam that you want. This Vicks humidifier will automatically shut off when the tank becomes empty and will show a light to let you know it’s time to refill. I personally clean this humidifier every other day to make sure it is free from germs and mold. I would recommend this humidifier to anyone that needs one for added humidity or for health issues.

Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix: Review

While shopping at my local Publix grocery store, I spotted an interesting rice mix on the shelf. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix looked very tempting to me, since I was looking for a side dish to have with a baked chicken recipe. I decided to give this product a try. Here is what I discovered. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix caught my attention with it’s nice packaging and low price. This item has a picture of the chicken rice mix on the outside of the box. It looked wonderful and I could already imagine having an easy to fix chicken flavored rice dish with my baked chicken. I really liked the fact that I could see a picture of the finished dish on this item. I knew that it looked very presentable and what to expect. The cost of Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix is fantastic, just around a dollar. That was great, in my opinion. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix is in a blue and white box and on the side, it stated that this rice had chicken broth, a blend of herbs and delicious flavor that would make a great side dish. That was exactly what I was looking for!

Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix is very easy to prepare and can be used in a rice cooker. I had my choice of cooking this dish on the stovetop or in the microwave. I love to save time, so I cooked Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix in the microwave. One thing that I really liked about the preparation of this product is that all that was required was butter and water. Everything else that I needed to make this dish was included in the box! That was very handy and saved me time and money. The microwave instructions are very easy to understand and follow and in no time at all and using only one dish, I had a perfect side dish! Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix turned out wonderfully and was more than I expected, in quantity and quality. This little box made a lot of rice and I was very pleased with the size of the dish. The taste of Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix was excellent. This rice dish has herbs and wonderful chicken flavor. The rice was very tender and the color of the rice was very appealing! Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix went perfectly with my baked chicken recipe and complimented the flavor of everything that I served. The chicken gravy that I had made went wonderfully with this rice and I was impressed.

Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix has two hundred and sixty calories in each serving and only fifty of these calories are from fat. The nutritional value of Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix is great, one serving of this dish provided me with eight percent of my daily required Vitamin A need, two percent of my vitamin C, two percent of my calcium, ten percent of my iron, thirty percent of my thiamin, six percent of my riboflavin, fifteen percent of my niacin and fifteen percent of my folic acid. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix has a decent amount of protein and a small amount of dietary fiber in it. The sodium content is a bit high in this dish, so those watching out for salt in their diets might want to be aware of that fact. This product has no cholesterol in it! I loved that fact. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix does contain wheat and soy ingredients.

Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix exceeded my expectations in many ways! I rate this product four stars out of five stars. I will be buying this product again. I found Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix to be a great value, a delicious side dish and very easy to prepare. This product is distributed by Publix Super Markets, Inc. located in Lakeland, Florida. This item has a satisfaction or your money back guarantee. I enjoyed trying Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix and loved the taste of this product, the time that it saved me and felt that I saved money by using this item. All of those facts make this rice mix a winner, in my opinion.

TRITTON AX 720 High Performance Gaming Audio System

The TRITTON AX 720 is a great way to connect to your console or PC for intense gaming audio with a comfortable headset using Toslink optical connection to your console.

The TRITTON AX 720 is a fantastic headset for use with your computer and gaming consoles using optical digital connections for PC’s and consoles. The AX 720 makes a great way to have all your various console systems covered for audio including the small handhelds and even your PC for an all around gaming headset.

The AX 720 has two main connections with the optical audio and the 3.5mm analog connections using the included adapter that makes for a great way to connect to your PC as well as handhelds. The Optical Toslink connection makes connecting to consoles and your PC using the better digital surround sound format that your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 use as well as computer sound cards.

My Gigabyte motherboard even has an optical output connection so connecting to a computer sometimes can be the same as your console. The TRITTON AX 720 has the two methods to connect with and also has some other additional features like a USB microphone connection for the PlayStation 3 and a 3.5mm connection for the Xbox 360 to the controller input for that system.

The AX 720 comes with the headset, a microphone boom, decoder box, power adapter, USB cable, optical digital cable, 3.5mm to 2.5mm stereo cable, PC 3.5mm adapter and product manual. The decoder box is the heart of the TRITTON AX 720 but you can also purchase a second headset so you and a friend can listen in at the same time.

The decoder box has the optical connection and USB connection on the back but the USB is only for use with the PlayStation 3 and its voice chat input to the PS3. The front has the two headset connections and the display with the various buttons for power, volume up and down and the Dolby Digital mode button.

The decoder unit can handle decoding for Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II and Dolby Headphone and the inline controller makes things easy to work from your couch. Depending on your situation you may need to purchase some additional cables as the three foot optical cable may not be long enough but the twelve foot headset cable should be plenty long for couch sitting.

The inline controller has a unique breakaway feature that allows you to quickly disconnect the headset with only a couple of feet of cable to the controller. The controller end connects to the rest of the controller with two 3.5mm connections for the headset drivers and microphone.

This means you can also disconnect the controller and connect a MP3 player directly to the headset using a simple male to female cable adapter and listen to your MP3 player. You can use the included 3.5mm adapter to connect the headset directly to your computer, MP3 player or devices like a Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable for handheld gaming enjoyment.

The decoder box has the optical connection for connecting your PC if available or the consoles like the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Using the Xbox 360 and the PS3 with microphone may be a bit of a hassle but at least this headset system does allow for the three major types of use in PS3, Xbox 360 and PC with a microphone setup for each.

The PS3, PC and MAC microphone is through the USB connection while the Xbox 360 goes from the controller box to your console controller using the included 3.5mm to 2.5mm connection that the Xbox 360 controller uses. The PC can use a 3.5mm connection if you want to use the adapter for microphone and stereo analog or you can use the USB connection and just set the USB microphone on.

I found my computer would automatically install drivers and setup a USB microphone for the USB connection when using the headset and microphone for my PC. The whole PC/PS3 and Xbox 360 setup was really automatic and quite simple, the main thing you will find is adjusting cables and getting things set up for your particular situation.

The TRITTON AX 720 sounds great and even for the analog stereo it does do a great job of producing clear sound and well done surround sound. Even if the drivers are only one per ear piece it does deliver some really good sound that is more than adequate for gaming and listening to music is a joy. I have found that when using headsets for this price range, about $130, you could not expect to get much better and still have all the connection options for the two main consoles and your PC.

The TRITTON AX 720 sounds great with clear high tones and good deep bass, sitting and listening to the Farewell Tour I by the Eagles I can clearly hear not only the main notes and the subtle smaller ones the band uses. The Eagles really does a great job of helping me hear and test audio products and the TRITTON AX 720 sounds great.

The only issue I would have is the slight weight of the headset but the fact that the headset does sit well on my head and not too high up makes up for this. Many other headsets I have used are a bit tall for my head and my ear position so this one sits perfectly on my head with the ear pieces over my ears.

The top band is nicely cushioned and I find that the headset is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods while gaming or computer use like typing up this review. In the evening if anyone is watching television downstairs I often use headsets as I do not want to disturb their entertainment.

This is one headset I can comfortably wear for hours on end without getting any neck aches or a headache from having to move the headset around or readjust it too often. The TRITTON AX 720 headset makes for a great audio experience and has the definite advantage of being an all around audio system for optical audio and stereo analog audio connections.

I highly recommend the TRITTON AX 720 High Performance Audio Gaming System for a fantastic headset for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Mac and PC as well as other handheld devices.

The CHI Professional Rocket Hair Dryer Product Review

The Positive:
– Comes with two attachments
– Not too loud
– Cool lights that light up for high, low, and cool settings
– You don’t have to hold the “cool” button down, just press it once
– Dried my hair faster than my old dryer did
– Low EMF (I don’t know what that means, but I assume it’s a good thing)

The Negative:
– A little heavy
– It tends to get a little too hot, so just be careful with how close you hold it to your hair
– I’ve heard complaints that these tend to break too soon. I just got mine, so we’ll see. But it comes with a one year warranty, so I’m good for at least a year.

The Test:
My frizzy, dried out, bleached to death, takes-5-hours-to-dry hair.

It dried my hair a lot faster than my old dryer which I loved. Between this and the CHI straightener I’m spending about half the time on my hair as I used to. I’ve heard some people say that after using this dryer they didn’t even need to use their straightener afterwards. Unfortunately the crazy mess on top of my head still needed help from my straightener, but it did dry my hair with less frizz than usual.

Final Verdict:
I like it and I’m really happy with the job it’s doing. I won’t ever buy a hair dryer at the pharmacy again.


Island Nation of Samoa

Over the previous twenty-five years increasingly more international travelers are discovering these gorgeous fragrant tropical plants. Visitors come here in order to remain in simple beach fales, though there’s a small choice of hotels and resorts. Tourists can discover a selection of hotel accommodation on the other side of the island. Most hotels also provide totally free internet. There is absolutely no accommodation on the island. There are not any hostels in Samoa.

There’s no other continent that’s so easily traveled. The country does not have any minorities. The little island nation of Samoa is situated in the center of the South Pacific. There are a few things the outside world just cannot teach you. There you are able to see history up close, dine on a few of the optimal/optimally food on the planet, and relax. It is full of culture and still very conventional, with the majority of people living in village communities that are constructed in the conventional style.

The best beaches on earth are located all around the world. Another enjoyable way to learn more about the islands is to have a map and board a neighborhood bus. It is a bit smaller than Rhode Island. The Samoan islands are produced by vulcanism, the source of that’s the Samoa hotspot that is probably caused by a mantle plume. The bigger island, Savaii, is still a significant part Samoa, especially when it comes to tourism. The 2nd biggest island is Upolu, that’s the most populated island. It’s the 2nd biggest island and where you will probably begin your travels through lovely Samoa.

You can select which kind of boat, which stops you wish to make, and the duration of your journey, meaning you may discover a tour that perfectly suits your travel requirements. Each one of the cruises enable visitors to observe the great thing about the region, so it is all up to the traveler to determine exactly what he would like to see and how much he would like to spend. Just because you’re on a cruise leaving a U.S. port, technically you’re traveling internationally just the moment you step on the ship since most ships are registered outside the U.S.! You will relish your cruise, that I am able to say with assurance. A river cruise permits you to visit so many nations and see so much of the assorted cultures which are there. Brouse the list to locate the crucial information which you require for your journey. If you’re trying to find an ocean journey, then you are going to want to include things like a Mediterranean cruise.

There are a lot of people activities out there for families on Samoa. A travel agent can definitely assist with this, and I strongly advise that you use one. You might also locate the principal offices of the majority of local Samoa tour operators, car rental businesses and banks. Your travel professional will know that a website that is a travel authority can give you the most help. A travel professional would have the capacity to assist you determine if visas are needed to travel to where you would like to go. In fact there are a number of opportunities for adventure tourism here. It’s likewise the southernmost point of america.