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The CHI Professional Rocket Hair Dryer Product Review

The Positive:
– Comes with two attachments
– Not too loud
– Cool lights that light up for high, low, and cool settings
– You don’t have to hold the “cool” button down, just press it once
– Dried my hair faster than my old dryer did
– Low EMF (I don’t know what that means, but I assume it’s a good thing)

The Negative:
– A little heavy
– It tends to get a little too hot, so just be careful with how close you hold it to your hair
– I’ve heard complaints that these tend to break too soon. I just got mine, so we’ll see. But it comes with a one year warranty, so I’m good for at least a year.

The Test:
My frizzy, dried out, bleached to death, takes-5-hours-to-dry hair.

It dried my hair a lot faster than my old dryer which I loved. Between this and the CHI straightener I’m spending about half the time on my hair as I used to. I’ve heard some people say that after using this dryer they didn’t even need to use their straightener afterwards. Unfortunately the crazy mess on top of my head still needed help from my straightener, but it did dry my hair with less frizz than usual.

Final Verdict:
I like it and I’m really happy with the job it’s doing. I won’t ever buy a hair dryer at the pharmacy again.