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TRITTON AX 720 High Performance Gaming Audio System

The TRITTON AX 720 is a great way to connect to your console or PC for intense gaming audio with a comfortable headset using Toslink optical connection to your console.

The TRITTON AX 720 is a fantastic headset for use with your computer and gaming consoles using optical digital connections for PC’s and consoles. The AX 720 makes a great way to have all your various console systems covered for audio including the small handhelds and even your PC for an all around gaming headset.

The AX 720 has two main connections with the optical audio and the 3.5mm analog connections using the included adapter that makes for a great way to connect to your PC as well as handhelds. The Optical Toslink connection makes connecting to consoles and your PC using the better digital surround sound format that your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 use as well as computer sound cards.

My Gigabyte motherboard even has an optical output connection so connecting to a computer sometimes can be the same as your console. The TRITTON AX 720 has the two methods to connect with and also has some other additional features like a USB microphone connection for the PlayStation 3 and a 3.5mm connection for the Xbox 360 to the controller input for that system.

The AX 720 comes with the headset, a microphone boom, decoder box, power adapter, USB cable, optical digital cable, 3.5mm to 2.5mm stereo cable, PC 3.5mm adapter and product manual. The decoder box is the heart of the TRITTON AX 720 but you can also purchase a second headset so you and a friend can listen in at the same time.

The decoder box has the optical connection and USB connection on the back but the USB is only for use with the PlayStation 3 and its voice chat input to the PS3. The front has the two headset connections and the display with the various buttons for power, volume up and down and the Dolby Digital mode button.

The decoder unit can handle decoding for Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II and Dolby Headphone and the inline controller makes things easy to work from your couch. Depending on your situation you may need to purchase some additional cables as the three foot optical cable may not be long enough but the twelve foot headset cable should be plenty long for couch sitting.

The inline controller has a unique breakaway feature that allows you to quickly disconnect the headset with only a couple of feet of cable to the controller. The controller end connects to the rest of the controller with two 3.5mm connections for the headset drivers and microphone.

This means you can also disconnect the controller and connect a MP3 player directly to the headset using a simple male to female cable adapter and listen to your MP3 player. You can use the included 3.5mm adapter to connect the headset directly to your computer, MP3 player or devices like a Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable for handheld gaming enjoyment.

The decoder box has the optical connection for connecting your PC if available or the consoles like the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Using the Xbox 360 and the PS3 with microphone may be a bit of a hassle but at least this headset system does allow for the three major types of use in PS3, Xbox 360 and PC with a microphone setup for each.

The PS3, PC and MAC microphone is through the USB connection while the Xbox 360 goes from the controller box to your console controller using the included 3.5mm to 2.5mm connection that the Xbox 360 controller uses. The PC can use a 3.5mm connection if you want to use the adapter for microphone and stereo analog or you can use the USB connection and just set the USB microphone on.

I found my computer would automatically install drivers and setup a USB microphone for the USB connection when using the headset and microphone for my PC. The whole PC/PS3 and Xbox 360 setup was really automatic and quite simple, the main thing you will find is adjusting cables and getting things set up for your particular situation.

The TRITTON AX 720 sounds great and even for the analog stereo it does do a great job of producing clear sound and well done surround sound. Even if the drivers are only one per ear piece it does deliver some really good sound that is more than adequate for gaming and listening to music is a joy. I have found that when using headsets for this price range, about $130, you could not expect to get much better and still have all the connection options for the two main consoles and your PC.

The TRITTON AX 720 sounds great with clear high tones and good deep bass, sitting and listening to the Farewell Tour I by the Eagles I can clearly hear not only the main notes and the subtle smaller ones the band uses. The Eagles really does a great job of helping me hear and test audio products and the TRITTON AX 720 sounds great.

The only issue I would have is the slight weight of the headset but the fact that the headset does sit well on my head and not too high up makes up for this. Many other headsets I have used are a bit tall for my head and my ear position so this one sits perfectly on my head with the ear pieces over my ears.

The top band is nicely cushioned and I find that the headset is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods while gaming or computer use like typing up this review. In the evening if anyone is watching television downstairs I often use headsets as I do not want to disturb their entertainment.

This is one headset I can comfortably wear for hours on end without getting any neck aches or a headache from having to move the headset around or readjust it too often. The TRITTON AX 720 headset makes for a great audio experience and has the definite advantage of being an all around audio system for optical audio and stereo analog audio connections.

I highly recommend the TRITTON AX 720 High Performance Audio Gaming System for a fantastic headset for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Mac and PC as well as other handheld devices.