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Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix: Review

While shopping at my local Publix grocery store, I spotted an interesting rice mix on the shelf. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix looked very tempting to me, since I was looking for a side dish to have with a baked chicken recipe. I decided to give this product a try. Here is what I discovered. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix caught my attention with it’s nice packaging and low price. This item has a picture of the chicken rice mix on the outside of the box. It looked wonderful and I could already imagine having an easy to fix chicken flavored rice dish with my baked chicken. I really liked the fact that I could see a picture of the finished dish on this item. I knew that it looked very presentable and what to expect. The cost of Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix is fantastic, just around a dollar. That was great, in my opinion. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix is in a blue and white box and on the side, it stated that this rice had chicken broth, a blend of herbs and delicious flavor that would make a great side dish. That was exactly what I was looking for!

Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix is very easy to prepare and can be used in a rice cooker. I had my choice of cooking this dish on the stovetop or in the microwave. I love to save time, so I cooked Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix in the microwave. One thing that I really liked about the preparation of this product is that all that was required was butter and water. Everything else that I needed to make this dish was included in the box! That was very handy and saved me time and money. The microwave instructions are very easy to understand and follow and in no time at all and using only one dish, I had a perfect side dish! Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix turned out wonderfully and was more than I expected, in quantity and quality. This little box made a lot of rice and I was very pleased with the size of the dish. The taste of Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix was excellent. This rice dish has herbs and wonderful chicken flavor. The rice was very tender and the color of the rice was very appealing! Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix went perfectly with my baked chicken recipe and complimented the flavor of everything that I served. The chicken gravy that I had made went wonderfully with this rice and I was impressed.

Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix has two hundred and sixty calories in each serving and only fifty of these calories are from fat. The nutritional value of Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix is great, one serving of this dish provided me with eight percent of my daily required Vitamin A need, two percent of my vitamin C, two percent of my calcium, ten percent of my iron, thirty percent of my thiamin, six percent of my riboflavin, fifteen percent of my niacin and fifteen percent of my folic acid. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix has a decent amount of protein and a small amount of dietary fiber in it. The sodium content is a bit high in this dish, so those watching out for salt in their diets might want to be aware of that fact. This product has no cholesterol in it! I loved that fact. Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix does contain wheat and soy ingredients.

Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix exceeded my expectations in many ways! I rate this product four stars out of five stars. I will be buying this product again. I found Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix to be a great value, a delicious side dish and very easy to prepare. This product is distributed by Publix Super Markets, Inc. located in Lakeland, Florida. This item has a satisfaction or your money back guarantee. I enjoyed trying Publix Chicken Flavor Rice Mix and loved the taste of this product, the time that it saved me and felt that I saved money by using this item. All of those facts make this rice mix a winner, in my opinion.